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STArt Shakespeare! introduces students to Shakespeare in ways school curriculum cannot. Shakespeare’s works are all too often taught as part of a Language Arts program, offering the selections as literary works, whereas they written -- and meant to be performed -- for the stage. By getting the texts up on their feet, the works become far more accessible. Experts in Shakespeare’s works will help students decipher the meaning of these classic texts and work with students on scene work, soliloquies, sword play and even music. The end of each session will feature students in a showcase live on the Strand Theatre stage.


STArt Shakespeare! will also work with educators to offer on-site or in-classroom workshops on the texts they are learning in class.


STArt Shakespeare! will also offer fully realized and produced Shakespeare productions full the STArt Repertory Theatre. These productions are cut for length and produced in a manner that makes the performances more accessible to anyone in the community. Study guides will be available on-line for student groups and anyone else who would like a little extra information on the history and interpretation.

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