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How to Audition

Students will be asked to read and sing for the characters that they are interested in performing! If they don't have a specific role in mind, students may choose any line they like from the Auditions Sides list. Students should feel free, but not obligated, to listen to the whole soundtrack using the playlists below! It's important to remember: this is meant to be fun, so please don't stress out trying to learn all of the music before auditions. We will have two weeks to learn the show during rehearsals!

Audition Sides

Here's an example!​

  1. If you would like to play the role of Jack Kelly, click the "Audition Sides" button below and look for the name "Jack Kelly."

  2. Read that character description:

    • JACK KELLY – a fiercely loyal and charismatic orphan, who dreams of a life out west and boldly leads the Manhattan newsies.

  3. Then find and practice saying the lines under that character's name. Remember to say it like you think Jack Kelly would say it: 

    • "Here’s the deal: If we don’t sell papes, then no one sells papes. Nobody gets to that wagon till they put the price back where it belongs. We shut this place down like them workers shut down the trolleys! Cops ain’t gonna care about a bunch of kids. Right, Davey? We stick together, we can do anything."

Music Sides

Please choose two songs you would like to sing for your audition from the "Music Sides" list below. One of those two must be either Carrying the Banner or Seize the Day.  The second song can be any of the songs from the list. If you are auditioning for a specific role, please choose the song listed with that character's name. For example:

  1. If you would like to play the role of Jack Kelly, click the "Music Sides" button below and look for the name "Jack Kelly."

    • Use the music playlists below to practice Santa Fe and either Carrying the Banner or Seize the Day. We only have enough time for students to sing the section included on the Music Side list. You will not have to sing the entire song at auditions!

    • Please note that you can use the Rehearsal Tracks with Guide vocals to learn and practice the songs, but we prefer that you use the Performance Tracks without the Guide Vocals at auditions.

And that's all there is to it! If you have any questions, please email Katryna at

We'll see you at auditions!

Rehearsal Tracks
with Guide Vocals


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