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Strand Art Gallery

Featured collection: Rocco Pisto Retrospective
Date of the exhibit: 1.20.23 - 3.31.23
Exhibition opening: Friday, January 20, 2023, 5:00 - 7:30 pm
                                            *Appetizers and cash bar

Since the 1970's, my love for the abstract elements of nature has found expression in water-based media.  Working with watercolor's unexpected results allows me to produce unique, spontaneous works. Building layer upon layer, balancing color, tone, depth, and motion is similar to creating a symphony.  My paintbrush becomes a performer, dancing across the paper, juicy and full of life.  Though I work quite deliberately, using both traditional and non-traditional techniques, my unconscious is the undisputed project manager.  My work frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for magical accidents.  Each piece evolves slowly, sometimes taking months, as thin films of watercolor build intensity and warmth.  I love to work with all water media, and will often combine crayon, watercolor, ink and gesso, watching to see what is revealed on the surface.

I approach my work intuitively and utilize contours that are fluid and loose. My work emphasizes movement, texture, force, energy, dynamic shapes, and forms. My goal is to transmit an essence or mood that is subconsciously recognizable.

Exhibit hours: please call 248.309.6445 to schedule an appointment.

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